Construction projects are very sensitive and costly affairs with each project having its own strengths, challenges and nuances necessitating accurate and extensive planning from the very early stages to ensure that maximum value is delivered at optimum cost and timescale.

Pre-Engineering activities involve a complete analysis of the project in developing a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project. It is a highly collaborative and communication intensive affair requiring a team consisting of designers, planners, estimators, project managers and the client to work together, discuss and address all issues before the start of detailed engineering work.

During this stage of the project, critical goals are established, budgets are analysed and validated, cost & schedule efficiencies are established so that the maximum value is obtained while achieving design and budget goals. Since each project is unique and each client has different project design and budget goals, it is not possible to work on set rules and fixed menu.

We are a firm in Tirunelveli, specializing in providing Pre-Engineering Architectural services for our clients.

Pre-Engineering services are central to the commitment of Besten to ensure maximum return on investment by creating project specific strategies to manage, control and document the project objectives at a very early stage of the project development process. We help in identifying problems in the beginning stages, approaching them through different perspectives and coming up with comprehensive solutions.

The amount of money and time spent on the pre-design architectural services by the client will ultimately transform into big savings realized during construction. We provide our clients with a Soil test and geotechnical reports, site and climate analysis and feasibility studies as a part of the Pre-Design Services package.

Our Pre-Design Considerations help the client in making key decisions at all stages of the project.

In addition to the Pre-Engineering activities, the team participates in the critical decision-making process during design, planning, reviews, value engineering, scheduling and more in order to ensure a functionally and financially viable project. Our preliminary design, programming and zoning analysis help us in our schedule development and the client in understanding the viability of the project.

The level and extent of service provided by Besten during the Pre-Engineering phase of a project depends on the type of project and on the point at which Besten is hired for the project.

Broadly the Pre-Design services provided by Besten shall consist of the following: