Structural Design is one of the key elements of architectural design. The potential of technology and the constantly changing industry keeps us passionate about creating structures that are beautiful, resilient and reliable.

Based in Tirunelveli, Besten specializes in providing Structural Engineering, Design & Consultancy Services for all projects.

We design structures that are responsive to the evolving demands of the industry. We invest in developing the most experienced and innovative of structural engineers, who work closely with clients. They stay up-to-date with the dynamic structural industry while being inventive to respond to the constraints and challenges of the real world. Industries put great demands on buildings and our goal is to improve the structural performance of our designs to match your needs.

We overlay different components of the design, see how they work together and use that to optimize the structural efficiency. We also look at the critical factors of time and cost and understand the choices that need to be made (form, material etc) that make the project feasible and sustainable. With each challenge that comes our way, our dedicated team provides inventive and all-round solutions. We have a clear focus on customer satisfaction and offer structural engineering solutions that are cost-efficient, sustainable and innovative.

Our structural engineering consultants work to provide solutions that are focused on safety, serviceability and sturdiness.

Their diverse skill set includes the ability to plan, analyse, design, and research the most appropriate structural systems for the projects we undertake. Our team is adept at making connections and comprehending the demands of load (gravity, wind, precipitation etc), materials and geometry.

We are constantly improving ourselves by analyzing our past solutions while keeping in touch with the trends of the industry. Our structural engineers share experiences, skills and knowledge with each other to refine their ability to design elegant and stable structures. Our ambitious team, responds to new challenges with innovation and a zest to produce holistic solutions.

Our team is well versed with local standards while also adhering to international codes. We are equipped with the latest software and engineering practices to manage the advanced processes of structural design and produce the best structural system for your project. Our team is active in professional organizations and research that help us stay connected to the evolving world and its challenges.

We offer structural engineering expertise for industrial buildings of all types and sizes, including aviation and transportation, commercial, cultural and institutional, educational, government, healthcare, hospitality, residential, special structures, and sports and public assembly. Take advantage of our expert structural engineers to prevent expensive mistakes during the construction of your building.

Structural Engineering, Design, Analysis & Consulting solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Special Purpose Structures.

Our advanced Structural Design and Analytical Services cover the following.

Structural Analysis & Design
Seismic Assessment & Rehabilitation
Structural Steel Detailing
Foundation System Design
Stress & Failure Analysis
Concrete Design & Analysis
Structural Evaluation
Steel Structure Design and Detailing
Pre-Engineered Steel Building Design and Detailing
Construction Detailing & Drawings
Proof Checking & Advisory Services
Steel Analysis & Steel Design
Slip Form Structure Design

Our Structural Documentation Services shall cover the following.

Soil report evaluation schedule
Design calculations
Construction Method Statements
Foundation Layout and Schedule
Structural Framing layout and details
Bar Bending Schedule
Steel erection layout
Roof truss shop drawings and erection drawings
Shop drawings, Part numbers, BOM and erection drawings for steel structures
Connection drawings and blown up details
Quantity Estimation
As Built Drawings